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Cal Doors: Garage Door Repair Calgary

Garage doors are one of the most important parts of your garages since they are used on daily basis. It is imperative to take good care of them and make sure that each of their parts is in proper working condition.

Welcome to Cal Doors. We are a team of highly trained and certified expert professionals who aim to provide high quality garage door repair services in Calgary and nearby areas at a very reasonable and affordable cost. We help you fix all kinds of problems in your garage doors.

We repair commercial as well as residential garage doors and their parts like openers, springs, rollers, hinges, remotes, cables etc.

Get in touch with us now and let our experts help you in solving all kinds of problems with your garage doors.

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Residential Garage Door Repair

Residential Garage Door Repair Calgary

It is really important for your home garage to function properly and that is why we provide you with all sorts of affordable and high quality repair and maintenance services so that you never face a problem with your home garage doors.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

Commercial Garage Door Repair Calgary

Your business is really important to you and hence it is very essential to keep your garage doors functioning properly at all times. We help you to keep your commercial garage doors strong and smooth so that they don’t halt your business at any time.

Garage Door Parts Repair

Garage Door Parts Repair Calgary

Our experts help you inspect and identify the problems related with garage door openers, springs, remotes, cables, rollers, hinges, weatherstripping etc. and advice you for a replacement or repair. We service all major brands and make sure they last long.

Services We Offer

Repair & maintenance of all types of garage doors, openers, springs and various parts

Urgent Inspection and Repair

 Same Day Service

24 x 7 Phone Support

Professional Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can but you should be technically equipped and should have proper tools for the job.
Please read our maintenance tips for the longer life of the doors.
There are various factors on which this question depends but to summarize it, if there is a big damage to the garage door, then we recommend to get it replaced because if you get it repaired, it will last long for another couple of years but if you get it replaced, it will last long for many more years to come. On the other hand, if there is a small damage to the garage door or there are issues with the parts, then getting a garage door repaired is a good option because firstly, it is a small damage which is not causing the garage door to halt completely and secondly, it can be fixed with more accuracy since it is not a big issue.
We offer same day service. Just call us and get your garage door repaired.
All the parts come under company’s guarantee/warantee. Depending upon the part, we can tell you the same.
We believe in building long term relationships buy providing professional and friendly services. If you are dissatisfied with our service, kindly contact us. We will do our best to resolve your issue and make you a very happy customer.
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