5 Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Many questions have been asked regarding the best ways for garage door maintenance. It is important to point out that a garage door may only optimally work when all of its components, electrical as well as mechanical operate in a harmonious manner. There are a number of factors that tend to decrease the performance of a garage door, these include; friction among the movable parts, the weather conditions in the given locality and years of constant use. The garage door is the largest door in many homes and is operated mechanically. Below are some tips for maintenance:

1. Regular Inspection

It is important to take a close look at the various components of your garage door. Look out for any signs of general wear and tear and rust. Check the metal tracks; look out for dents in the panels, door opener and the bearings. Ensure that the metal tracks are aligned properly. Dirt accumulation may result in rusting. Washing the steel or aluminum doors with household detergent can remove rust; sand paper may be used to get rid of extreme rust. After sanding, a zinc-rich primer may be applied.

2. Lubrication of the Movable Parts

For a smooth operation, the components of the garage door require a friction free surface. The metal tracks of the rolling shutter doors, the hinges, pulleys and the chain need to be greased or oiled. WD-40 grade oil should not be used as it attracts dust that may cause damage to the components.

3. Dents on the Panels

Flimsy panels are likely to develop dents as a consequence of regular use. All a homeowner needs is a hammer and a large piece of cloth, preferably cotton. A second person may help to place the piece of cloth on the surface that has a dent and ensure you support the panel on the other side using a hard-board. The dent can be removed using subtle movements of the hammer.

4. Proper Ventilation

The garage has the tendency to get cold during the winters and hot during summer. It is therefore important to put in place an ideal ventilation fan for the sole purpose of lowering the humidity levels. One may also consider installing a free standing exhaust fan close to a window.

5. Opener Settings

Electronic settings are a predominant feature in modern garage doors. The default settings are usually set by a technician bearing in mind the convenience of daily use. It is important for the user to avoid tampering with the settings not unless they understand the instructions contained in the opener manual.

The above mentioned 5 tips for garage door opener maintenance can go a long way in saving the homeowner a substantial amount of cash in repairs. Proper garage door maintenance is recommended so as to avoid replacements that can be quite costly. Serious repairs however, such as the garage door spring and the replacement of the opener have to be undertaken by professionals. Reputed garage door repair companies usually have experts with experience in handling virtually all types of garage doors.