Garage Door Spring Maintenance Tips

Calgary homeowners need to know the actions to take that will ensure that they can carry out a few tasks for the proper functioning of the entire garage door system. However, if you are not comfortable carrying out this task, it would be best to call in a trained and experienced service technician to avoid making a bad situation worse.

The following maintenance routines should be followed:

1. Visual Inspection

This should be done at least on a monthly basis. You can look over the springs for signs of damage or general wear, fraying and tear. Check if the mounting hardware is loose or if something does not sound or look right- for this is a tell-tale sign of a serious underlying problem. Rust also compromises the performance of the entire system and one should therefore be keen to look out for it.

2. Door Balance Test

This should also be done on a monthly basis. If your door features an automatic opener system, you may close the door and subsequently disconnect the automatic opener. Lift the garage door manually; it should go up smoothly, with minimal resistance and should then remain open. If it opens with a degree of difficulty, the services of a trained technician may be required to balance the door.

3. Photo Eye Test

Open the door by pushing the wall button or garage door transmitter for the door to close. You can then wave a broomstick in front of one of the photo eyes of garage door in a bid to break the beam. If the door fails to reverse, it is a clear indicator that the system is faulty. You can use a soft dry cloth to wipe off or dust from the photo eye and gently, using your hands, adjust them if they appear not to be properly aligned. This test should be done once a month.

4. Force Setting Test

Open the garage door fully. Close it by pushing the wall button or garage door opener transmitter to close it. Using your hands, which should be stiff and outstretched, hold the bottom as it closes. Should the door fail to reverse easily and instead continue to close, pull your hands away at once. This shows that the closing force is quite excessive and a trained technician will be needed to service the door.

5. Lubrication

This should be done at least once in every six years. You can apply a little amount of spray lubricant, which is preferred to the garage door spring. The same should also be done on the rollers, hinges and the tracks. This reduces friction in all the movable parts.

For safety purposes, inform everyone in your household what you are working and the door should therefore not be closed or opened by anyone, not until you are done with the maintenance activities. Carrying out the maintenance actions listed above will ensure that the door system works optimally and any accidents that may be attributed to faulty garage doors are to a large extent avoided.